Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wardrobe Crisis

I had my first dual citizen wardrobe crisis on Monday. I do have a lot of clothes so I just moved half of them to Austin, but I had only moved late summer/early fall garb down there and it turned to genuine fall finally and I really had very little non-floral or pastel to wear. I ended up with these black linen pants with white dots on them, which Tom Hanks described as "cute." So either I was cutely professional or professionally cute.

In honor of Halloween, I'm wearing my burnt orange cashmere sweater today in Waco.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Black Cat

There's a new black cat that has been hanging out around my house in Waco. I am holding the line, however, and not feeding it. That's how Bounder integrated herself into the household, just hanging out and looking cute and cat-like...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some pictures from CH

Here are a couple pictures from my recent trip to Chapel Hill...

Another long yoga filled day. I subbed a couple classes this morning at YY NW. That was my first trip to NW. Lovely studio, all four YY locations are really nice. I have to say I really enjoy teaching yoga in this sort of venue. It is a lot less pressure in a certain way. The Yoga Place Waco is just me. Here I'm just a small part of someone's overall yoga experience. If they don't lik me, they can still have yoga. Also, 17 people just show up for a saturday morning class. Its taken me 5 years to build up a regular following of about 12-15 per class.

After that, I went down to CT's intensive. I now have a thorough grasp of the principles of proper shoulder alignment.

Devon, CT, and I went to Clay Pit for dinner. It was good to touch base with Devon, however briefly and I have to say I missed eating at the Clay Pit. Normally, when we take the Baylor students to Barsana Dam, we arrange a lunch at Clay Pit.

I'm pretty tired and it is nice to just be sitting still for awhile, okay, well actually reclining...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wow I'm tired

Yesterday I had a really long day up at Baylor. In addition to normal class stuff, I chaired a session at the Friendship Conference and it was also my week to take the World Cultures students to the Synagogue. Ordinarily, I would have just stayed up in Waco but Kelli was having her Red Door Halloween party and I wanted to attend, so I drove back down here last night after the synagogue service. The party was really a lot of fun, met a lot of intriguing people from all walks of life and got some good ideas for costumes I might actually be willing to wear! (I was a witch, which I often am when forced to dress up for Halloween, one very nice woman at the party said, it was good I was a witch because I was upholding the genuine Halloweenness of the costume party, without a witch it really is just a costume party. This morning I taught at Yoga Yoga, I really love teaching there and then subbed for Jessica at Kula. Then I visited Anusara land and learned all about muscular energy, organic energy, inner and outer spiral. I am pretty tired right now. It is sort of nice just to be vegging out doing nothing but blogging. Sounds like a broken record, but being down here is just so much fun.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy to be here

Great day in Austin. I drove down around lunch time. (worked for a while on my research leave application this morning). I went to Whole Foods and then had a meeting with Sadani at YY about doing some teaching for them. I went to the house and walked Dylan. Dylan was super happy to see me. When I was checking email, he just put his cute dog nose right on my chest. Went to two of Christina's classes, had some real breakthroughs in several poses and was the first practice in a long time where my shoulder really was not in my way.

went to Maude's with Pam and Ari for a drink afterwards. They are both super great women who I very much look forward to becoming friends with.

tomorrow is a hugely long day there and back again to waco.

Looking forward to the Halloween party.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missing Austin

Well, it has been over a week since I've been in Austin and I'm really just wanting to be down there, but I'm in Waco watching Napoleon Dynamite. Christina asked me if I was excited about my trip to NYC and I said I was but I was way less excited than last year when I only lived in Waco. I love living in Austin so much that I feel less of a need to get away. That feeling lasted until about Friday afternoon when I was having lunch with Natalie at this great Greek place, three great yoga classes into being there and then going to the sutra discussion group. Sitting there in the discussion group, I just felt this incredible sense of peacefulness of being fully and completely at home. I really could move to New York. Except it really does get pretty cold there and then I just do love Austin it has so much of the things that I love about NY, good yoga classes that I don't teach, good food, hip people, a present moment enjoy life ethos, so I don't know I guess Austin is like the New York I can realistically manage from where I am right now and that is worth a whole heck of a lot, plus the better weather.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New York City

I had a fabulous time in NYC. I was expecting to have a great time and had an even better one. Great yoga, great food, great time with friends, both old (James and Joe and Natalie) and new (Carolyn, Sara and Ryan and philosophers et al) . Here's all the really great dining experiences: Pure Food and Wine, Ethiopian, Greek, Thai, Italian, and just pretzels and pizza on the street.

All the yoga classes were wonderful: Laura Warren, Carrie Owerko, Brooke Myers and a real highlight, going to the Sutra Study group Friday afternoon at the Institute.

And yes, I did see a show. Eddy Marks and I went to see Blue Man Group Friday night, totally bizarre random silly show.

I did even manage to work some philosophy in. My paper on two models of self-comportment went well. Janelle did a great job on her paper.

I'm pretty tired now!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post Weekend Update

Had a great Fall Break in Austin.

I went to Devon's class Friday morning, which will become my own class at Clear Spring Studio in the Spring! Friday during the day I got some work done and ran various errands and of course walked Dylan the dog.

The Laura Allard workshop started Friday Evening. I learned a ton about the muscles of the hip and the leg and all sorts of nifty tricks with blocks. Devon and I went to an absolutely fabulous restaurant, The Buenos Aires Cafe Saturday evening for dinner. Wow! Really the best meal I've had in recent memory.

Had a busy day up in Waco yesterday and another one today. I've got a very compressed week due to the upcoming Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy Conference in NYC.

next posting from there.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Up coming Classes I'm teaching in Austin

Saturday October 27 9 AM YY N
Saturday October 27 10:35 Austin Kula

Sunday October 28 9 AM YY NW Hatha Star
Sunday October 28 10:30 YY NW Restorative

Sunday November 18 4:30 YY Westgate.

Hope to see you there.

Fall Break in Austin

Today is Fall Break and it actually feels like fall for the first time all season. It is really great not having to drive back upto Waco today. Last night, I went to two classes of Christina's yoga marathon, and my shoulder held up really well in backward bending... then I went out with Pete, former student of mine. Went to The Ginger Man again and to Opal Divine's for the first time. (I'm really looking forward to having Korean food with he and his wife soon.!!!) Impressive drink menus at both places. This morning, I walked Dylan, who is super excited to see me, went to Devon's yoga class, chatted with Jessica a bit and then went to Whole Foods. All the stuff I love about Austin!! It continues to be just fabulous for me here.

Now I'm revising my conference paper and looking forward to the Laura Allard Workshop this weekend.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend in Dallas

Well, at first, I was a little sad not to be in Austin this weekend, but I was much less depressed returning to Waco knowing that I also live in Austin now. The workshop with Mary and Eddy was so fabulous. They helped me a ton with my shoulder. It feels better than it has in weeks. It was also inspiring to get more focused on studying yoga and yoga teaching more intently than I have the past few months (Drawback of passing assessment I guess). Michelle had a lovely dinner party for some of us Saturday night. Her new house is beautiful and she is just a fabulous cook!

I brought some salads home from Central Market and stopped by to see Lenore Henry and H.W for dinner. Here are some pictures of me and H.W.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Second Yoga Yoga Class

Well, I taught my second class at Yoga Yoga tonight. I subbed for Charlie. It was a lot of fun. He has the group really well trained. Jesse and Tabitha and Jeremiah even came to see me !! We worked on standing poses and some minor inversions...

This week is a quick visit to Austin. I spent most of the day getting stuff done in Waco, but I drove down in time to hit Devon's restorative class, quite lovely. (Christina is out of town, so no yoga marathon tonight!). Then I headed south to Westgate. I ate a bit at Central Market and shopped some, got a cool white shirt at Whole Earth. I read a couple philosophy articles that Jake Howland gave me. we are definitely interested in similar themes, philosophy, narrative, soul formation.... It was nice just to read some philosophy in a relaxed way..

Then I taught and went back to CM, got an array of apples to try (I'm supposed to have three a day according to Craig, aruyveda guy,) Three is a lot, may as well go for variety within appledom.

anyway, even though it is a quick trip this week, it feels so good to be here.

Mary and Eddy are in Dallas this weekend. I'm excited !!!