Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Update

I find myself really enjoying my weekends. It is just great hanging out with Jeff, and Milo, and Q. Spending time organizing the house, doing yoga, doing various fun things that Austin has to offer.
last night, Jeff and I went to see the Star Trek movie again. It was just as good the second time around.

Here are some recent pictures of the increasingly organized house, note new art on loan from Kelly and Christina. And a couple of Milo. His new favorite thing is the giant stick he is holding in his mouth.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Waco

I'm in Waco most of this week running the Micro Teaching component of the Summer Faculty Institute (More on what Micro Teaching is on the Teaching Yoga and Philosophy blog). Though I miss being in Austin, I'm having a nice time catching up with friends and colleagues and am also enjoying the experience of leading the Micro Teaching.

Tonight I'm going to Ninfa's with Lenore and Henry. Yummy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

An Unexpected Weekend in Austin

I woke up quite early this morning to head out to the airport. Stood in line to use the kiosk, Kiosk said see and agent. Agent said go to this line. Once I made it to the front of that line, the agent said, she can't help me because my ticket is Northwest (not Delta). She takes me and several other poor souls, to another line where they said our flight was locked out because of time....and that we would have to call Delta to rebook. I called Delta and they can't rebook because it was originally an American ticket.

At this point, I gave up, returned home, slept for a good long while and then had a very productive day of yoga, working out, and even writing. Good way to end the week. I'm going to practice the sequence I plan to teach in class tomorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Unexpected Day in Austin

I was supposed to leave on a 9:05 flight to Dallas this morning and then meet up with the Baylor group heading up to the Diversity Conference in Columbia. I got to the airport and sensed something was wrong as the lines were just huge. I decided to go out to the check curbside and they informed me that all flights before noon to Dallas were canceled. Jeff battled some traffic to come pick me up while the very efficient Laura Hendrix in the president's office sorted out what to do. One option the travel agent later suggested, that I drive to Waco, take a flight to Dallas wait to be stand by on the flight that the Baylor Group was supposed to be on... I"m like no way.. that is travel hell in the making. Of course, I did not say that in my out loud voice...

Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow morning instead, so I went to the club while Delora cleaned and am doing a few computer tasks before driving up for CT's classes.

Here are some pictures of the house.

Meditation room/ study

Office part of the living room.

New Breville Blender
Dining room with rug I got from Devon.

Yoga room with ramp and two benches. Great Backward bending props.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Up in Waco for the Day

I got up early this morning to do my morning practices (and to make sure I got upside down a bit) before heading up the highway to Waco. I had a meeting with the Provost, Dean, and various money people about some new positions for BIC. I was a little nervous, something about seeing calculators and three ring binders in front of me, but it went well. Hopefully, we'll get the positions.

Next on the docket, I'm helping with BIC recruiting and then coffee with Gabrielle and lunch with Andy and then I hope to make it back to Austin in time for CT's 4:30 class.

Tomorrow, I'm off to a Diversity conference in Columbia Missouri.

Also, Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad. They've been married 49 years. Pretty impressive.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Milo with the water sprinkler

As an enthusiastic new home owner, I decided to water the lawn. It was looking pretty parched. Milo very much enjoyed the fun times.

I had a good day yesterday and today is off to a good start as well. I got a ton of papers cleared off my desk, in fact, my desk is completely clean in the first time since I can remember. I've done some editing, and a lot of laundry with my brand new whirpool high efficiency washer dryer, and I walked Milo this morning.

I'm getting ready to go to the club and then to Christina's yoga classes. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Anne in Austin, Indeed.

It has been ages since I've written. I've been totally swamped with moving from the Westrock house into my lovely new home in the 45. Everything about the house is really perfect. Last week, I spent most of my time unpacking boxes and organizing a room a day. There's still more organization to do, but things are pretty much in place now and Delora came to clean and somehow that made it feel like I really live here now!

I've allowed my writing time to get squeezed out with all the domestic organization, but I'm recommitting to do as of today. I have about 8 weeks until Jeff and I go out to the Darren and Christina workshop and my goal is to have the book sent to the press editor for review by then.

As part of the writing plan, I'm also blogging. Again,

Anyway, here's the plan du jour. I have to send a conference paper off, organize all my notes I made about finishing the book over the past few weeks that I've not been writing, start revising the final chapter.

Also on the docket, morning practices... drop milo off at puppy school, go to CT's class, workout, return a defective dog bed, go to Devon's class.