Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Night

Sometimes it seems strange to keep two different blogs because my life in Austin the past two days and the upcoming days is a lot about teaching yoga and I could write a good deal about that.

But here is where I typically record the mundane social details of my life, so it goes. I did really like driving down Wednesday night. No traffic and it was nice just to wake up in Austin and not get sucked into Baylor at all on Thursday (except via email and phone), which did happen.

I taught Mandy's class for her. Went to Connie's class. I was the only person there and we did a great restorative sequence that really got into the psoas, then I came back did some work walked the dogs and taught Christina's Classes and did the real, "I live in Austin" pilgrimage.. and went to Whole Foods.

Today I went to Devon's inaugural 7:30 AM class, big attendance, taught my own class, subbed at noon and 4:30, did some work in between and finally caught up with CT for a lengthy chat (my cell phone usage has really changed since becoming a dual citizen)... then I drove south to meet Devon for the Nischala Devi talk (See teaching philo blog) Ari was there also and it was good to introduce them to each other. They had a New Mexico bond... Now I'm home winding down getting ready to teach in the morning and go to Pam's disco party tomorrow night.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Week in Waco

I've been in Waco since Saturday which is a bit of a switch from my regular schedule. Since H.W. left Saturday night, I've spent a good bit of time reading, more prospective student interviews and I hosted the prospective party Sunday Night. That was tons of fun. Pizza from Rosati's is always great and I really do like hosting parties even without festive beverages!! Really, it is fun interacting with the students and faculty and just really feeling like a part of the ongoing creation of the Baylor PhD program.

Monday, I slept a bit later than usual, prepped for class (more on that on the teaching blog) taught, taught yoga, practiced a bit somewhere in there and then went to The Grape with Amy and Stuart which was quite mellow and fun.

Today, I got my haircut, prepped for Nietzsche, had coffee with my new colleague Jon Kvanvig, taught a great class (more on that on the teaching blog) taught a great back bending class right after, a look at all the various bent knee poses on the junior I syllabus:

got a lovely massage from CJ and talked to CT briefly.

Tomorrow's another big non stop day really just about every hour is scheduled with something fun, exciting, therapeutic, or important) and I'm heading back to Austin right after yoga as I'm subbing Mandy's class at 9 on Thursday morning.

that's the way it is the life of this dual citizen

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekend Update

I had a great 48 hours in Austin. Just really loved my time there. Taught Friday morning at Clear Spring. Went to get coffee at Whole Foods with Devon. Had a great peanut butter Vegan Cookie. A remarkably good vegan cookie.

Subbed a class for Sandra. Wrote for a while in the afternoon which was actually fun.

Went to Giocanda's happy hour and a half yoga class and then met up with some new friends at beer meet up group. Though I'm not a beer drinker, the event was plenty fun.

Taught my Saturday morning class and then headed up to waco for prospective student weekend. Interviewed several students. Did a nice practice at home, weighted thighs in Supta Vira and worked on eka pada stuff and then looked at CTs blog and saw I'm in sink with the Anusara intensive... who would have thought.

Lenore, Henry, and H.W. came over for dinner. H.W. is huge and hurricane like in his almost two year old curiosity. We had a great time. More interviews tomorrow. then the pizza party at my house.

tons of fun.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Leaving Waco Behind

One thing about life at Baylor, there's always something to talk about. Had a meeting early this morning about a job search, then just got into one conversation after another with friends and colleagues and and as enjoyable as all the various drama and intrigue is ... it was so great just to get in the Odyssey and leave it all behind.

I made it just in time to Connie's class. It has been a while since I've been to her class and I've really missed it. She's a very intense focused teacher and she really moved us through many poses quite quickly that illuminated also sorts of disparities in the right and left side of my body and various connections between the hips and shoulders.

I'm getting ready to go sub Christina's classes. A mini inversion intensive. Glad to be down here for a couple days. !!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Action Packed Weekend in Austin

I had a really great weekend in Austin. Christina's yoga immersion was lots of fun and filled with information. Had a great breakthrough with my shoulder. Went to El Arroyo for dinner with some yoga people on Saturday night. Saw a band called the Reivers on Sunday night. Fun weekend all in all.

This morning I got up and practiced with Peggy and Devon for a little while then went to an appointment with Craig. Craig came to talk to the immersion, so in addition to shoulder accunpture we talked about the cultivation of buddhi, the value of practice and non-attachment to outcome and the protection that brings.

After that, I drove upto Waco. Taught Anne Lamott. We talked a lot about body image and eating disorders, more on that on the teaching blog. Then a BIC meeting, then yoga, and am finally at home winding down.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update for AP1 and AP2

I've been away from Austin almost a week now. Sigh. Looking forward to going down tomorrow.

Last weekend, I was up in Dallas for the Mary and Eddy workshop. A very long intense, weekend, short breaks for meals and sleeping, but pretty much non stop learning. Lots of yoga, lots of teacher training, lots of introspection. They are both amazing teachers and there is something about the intensity of the experience itself that focuses the mind. I was both inspired and really tired after the weekend.

Sunday I came back to Waco and it was nice to have my place here rather than driving all the way back to Austin. I drove up Friday morning after teaching my first class at Clear Spring!!! Even sang the yoga song. I gave a fellow Iyengar student Sanford a ride up there, so the three hours went fairly quickly, but Austin is definitely a longer haul upto Dallas.

This week has been very busy with class prep and also various activities associated with job candidates coming in for the BIC religion position.