Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Darkest Baltimore

I managed to leave DFW successfully this week. Last week, I tried to get up to a conference in Memphis, but my flight was cancelled and I would have missed my paper, so I just turned around and came back to Austin (though as Patricia Walden says, there's no just... that took several hours because of the weather first in Austin, then in route and then in Dallas). However, Jeff and I had a fabulous weekend which more than made up for the rather bizarre round of travel hell.

This time around, I was more sensible in my travel planning. I actually got in the night before my paper (actually I didn't have a choice, because I couldn't get into Baltimore and out to the conference in time for my session). After I got in the BWI, I took the light rail out to Timonium Business Park and then walked to the hotel. It was only supposed to be a block away, but let's just say it was a very long block.. I went out with Jessy and Jamie (more on that on the Teaching Blog) and really had a fabulous time. They really like Baltimore and the place the selected, The Brewer's Art, was a great experience.

This morning I've had a really productive time in the hotel, despite the fact that this is one of the noisiest hotels I've stayed at in a long time. I work incredibly well in hotels, always have. Something about being cut off from everything, that and people bring yummy treats to eat to keep you going.. I got a nice practice in as well, which is always especially welcome while travelling.

So I've got a big afternoon of conferencing ahead and then dinner with Silvia, a friend from grad school

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Milo plays with the volleyball

Here are some pictures of my new house in Austin

Here's the front door. You can't see it, but it is a really pretty wooden and glass door.
Here is the living room which you walk directly into.

Here's an alcove of the living room, kitchen is through the arched window.
Yoga room.

Back porch.

backyard, giant tree.

Its in 78745, a little further south than Christina.
Closing is early May,
Housewarming party in June!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great Day

Christina and I had a really fun day in Austin today. We practiced at her club and soaked in the hot tub and steamed. Then I went and got acupuncture with craig, home to check on Milo (and the status of the plumbing leak in the kitchen). Then we met up for mani pedis. I went home and wrote for a while and I think we are going to meet at A-22 in a bit.

Also exciting today, there's be a bit of an issue with the contract on my new house, the sellers wanted not to sell after they had signed the contract, so that went on for a bit, but I'm now officially super excited about moving in. Exactly a month from today, what fun. Tomorrow, I'll take pictures of the house, so plenty to look forward to there.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Exciting times

Its a beautiful spring day here in Austin. Hard day to sit inside writing but that is what I'm doing. The most exciting news of late: I have a contract on a house here in Austin. It is about 2 miles from Christina and Kelly's house, is perfectly renovated, very much in accord with my own taste. It has a great fenced backyard for Milo, a covered patio area and very nice trees and also hardwood floors throughout the house, which is really important to me! So I'm super excited about that.

Other big news. As of the end of this month, actually after next weekend, I won't be teaching at YogaYoga anymore. YogaYoga decided to drastically reduce the amount they were paying their teachers and I decided I didn't want to teach for them under the new pay structure. I hope to start teaching a couple classes at Clear Spring but I don't have anything worked out yet. It actually felt quite liberating to quit and it was nice to have the freedom to which enabled me to do so.

Milo's doing great, I don't have any pictures due to a major computer crash on my laptop and somehow the pictures that were on my desktop didn't get copied over.