Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Day of Summer

I'm teaching a Tuesday Thursday schedule this year for the first time ever, so even though today is the first day of school for Baylor, it is not the first day of school for me. I've spent most of the day writing and organizing various Baylor related things, inviting guest speakers to campus, arrange social life plans for while I'm in Waco.

I've really hit a good grove in writing these past three weeks. Hopefully, it will make it easier to continue the momentum into the school year. I now have a good draft of the first half of the last chapter and I'm moving onto section 3 tomorrow. I have an okay draft of the whole of the last chapter.

Good draft to mean means one more revision and I'll be happy with it. Okay draft means it needs at least two more revisions, but I'm closing in.

In the yoga domain, I taught the chair yoga workshop this saturday and subbed Patti's class, so Saturday was pretty much all about yoga. I've really enjoyed going to so many classes this summer. My practice has really gotten a lot stronger over the past few months, even making progress in the twists. Now that school is starting back, I'll be doing more of my practice as home practice, which has its own set of benefits.

In the personal domain, Jeff and I had a fun weekend. We took in part of the Hatch Chili Festival at Central Market and looked at various wedding venue options. Places we are currently considering are Barr Mansion, Mercury Hall, Allen House, and Green Pastures. We still don't have a date set, but we are working on it.

Above are some pictures of Q and Milo helping with the venue selection.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exciting News

Jeff asked me to marry him last Sunday. I said yes! So we are now engaged!! It's very exciting. Milo and Q were both very excited by the news. They are looking forward to being step-dogs.

We haven't set an official date yet, but we'll probably get married next fall (2010). We'll have an engagement party next month.

In more mundane news, I'm having a productive day writing and I'm happy to report that the AC in the house is now working and my car AC should be fixed sometime in the next hour or two. Then I hope to have time to workout before going to Christina's class at Castle Hill.

I've got a busy day up in Waco tomorrow and Saturday I will be attending the graduation hooding ceremony for Lewis Pearson who finished his dissertation this summer. Lewis is the second student I've had the pleasure of directing, but this is my first hooding ceremony. I was out of town when Taryn Whittington graduated and I did not go to my own hooding ceremony.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Milo is finally back in action

Well, Milo got to go back to puppy school this week. Wednesday was his first day back, then he went on Friday

and today was his first day swimming at Red Bud Island, he does seem to have gained a bit of weight during his month long home stay.

Right now, he's crashed out right next to me after the big day.

Pretty mellow weekend. Jeff and I ate Mexican food for dinner Friday and went out Saturday to Shady Grove to celebrate the birthday of a friend of mine from college. Was a little bummed that no one showed up to my class on Saturday as I had a great sequence planned, but it is the dog days of summer. It was just me and Gillian at practice on Friday.

I've been subbing classes for Devon this week. That's been a really nice experience. Have been to a bunch of yoga classes, Peggy's, Christina's, got some writing done, feeling pretty good about the first section of the last chapter and did some reorganization work with the overall structure of the chapter that is helpful.

Also, been dealing with various car issues, oil change, fluid changes, air conditioner compressor issues. once my house sells in Waco, I'm buying a new car, the BMW I've always wanted.

Right now, I'm packing for my trip to Tucson. Jeff and I are both going to Christina's immersion that she's teaching with Darren Rhodes.