Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bi Weekly Update

Well let's see, it has been an eventful past couple weeks.

Last weekend, I took Jeff to Chapel Hill for my 25th year high school reunion. I really love Chapel Hill and was excited that Jeff got a chance to see it and to meet some of my very oldest friends. Friday night we started the dining extravaganza at A Southern Season.
We drove by my old house which has a very modernistic renovation and looks fabulous. My house edged up on the North Carolina Botanical Gardens. Then we had dinner at Lantern with Susan and Laura, then went to Tyler's Taproom for reunion event # 1. Tyler's is owned by a former classmate of mine.
Our excellent limo driver dropped us off at Time Out and Jeff survived his first Time Out experience.

Saturday we went to the reunion picnic for a little while, toured the high school (Jeff is not actually smoking in this picture, but he is paying homage to the Wall.

and the site of the giant column of rain, More on that another time...

went to Carolina Brewery

and University Mall to buy an umbrella, then Crooks Corner for dinner with Susan, Laura, Treeby, Molly, (pictured above) and Lisa Johnson, and assorted significant others (not pictured). Most people got Shrimp and Grits.

Then the final reunion event at a nightclub downtown. The place was decorated with all sorts of memorabililia from high school, musicals, sports events. Very cool. Anyway, it was a great experience all in all. It rained all weekend, but that was actually a nice change from the ongoing Texas sun. I was struck by how much things look exactly the same in the midst of a lot of change and growth.

The weekend before that Jeff and I had an engagement party. (If you are on Flickr, Ari Stiles took some lovely photo's of the event. It was really a lot of fun. Jeff's parents offered to do a great deal of the cooking and they really made it super easy to have a party. My parents arrived a few days before the party, purchased a house about a mile up the road and in general got a nice preview of their life in texas. Perhaps they will start their own blog, AP1 and AP2 in Austin.

The weekend before that Jeff and I went to the Desiree Rumbaugh workshop. Lots of fun there.

In the professional domain, I'm really enjoying teaching Social World. We just finished up the Republic and will turn next to Aristotle's Ethics. Also, I continue to find the TR schedule much more conducive to writing. I've had two good writing days in a row this week.

Tomorrow, I'm heading upto Waco. I've got a busy day Thursday. I invited several of my female friends over for a ladies night potluck. I'm looking forward to that. Then I'm guest teaching a class on the topic of yoga in America tomorrow morning. That should be fun as well.

In all, life is good. Off to reorganize a bookshelf, take a shower and go to Christina's yoga class.

Monday, September 14, 2009

An update of Life in Austin

Hello Gentle Readers,

I've really been more in the mode of living life than blogging about it. I guess I'm in a more Nietzschean mode than a Socratic one of late. Above is a photo of the painting I bought from Caroline Wright and a picture of my feet on the way to the dog park.

School started back. I'm teaching Social World on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week and last week, I've just driven there and back each day. It is a bit tiring, but the upside, is falling asleep very easily. I've never really been a Tuesday Thursday person. I didn't like TR as a student and taught MWF for most of my teaching career, once I got off of a 4/4 load... I have to say I'm enjoying the new pace of it. Each class is a bit more intense... more on that on the teaching blog and on teaching Plato in an interdisciplinary context.

Mostly life in Austin is hanging out with Jeff, playing with Milo and Q, going to yoga classes, practicing, writing and enjoying all the fun that Austin has to offer.

This weekend, we went to the Desiree Rumbaugh workshop, so we didn't do much else. We did go to BJ's brewhouse with CT and Kelly Sunday night and took Milo to the doggie park Sunday afternoon. The weather has just been glorious.

This morning we went to check out a wedding venue, the Allan House. I worked out, came home and wrote for a while, checked out some caterers, took a shower and went to Peggy's class. A pretty typical Monday.

Here is Milo and a doggie toy.