Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puppy Parenting

Here's some Milo pictures for his many fans above at the dogpark today. He went in the big dog area
Milo with his ACL cup. Cool Austin dog that he is.

Jenn notes that she hadn't visited my site in a while and thought she'd stumbled upon a parenting blog. Milo is pretty time consuming, but definitely not in the newborn toddler/ teenager domain, though I really only know first hand about the last of those domains.

Just have a few minutes before heading to Westgate for CT's classes, sitting here, post packing/ getting ready for the Thanksgiving trip to Galveston. This is the first time in many many many years, I think since 1993 or 94 actually that I haven't spent thanksgiving with AP1 and AP2. They generally would come to Waco for a week or so, but since they are soon to be wintering in Georgetown and since CT is off to Winnipeg the day after TDay, they are staying in Georgia.

Anyway, new life, new traditions, along with the new puppy.

Ya'll should check out http://thefrosolonopatriarch.blogspot.com/
He wrote a blogbiography. Quite fascinating.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Milo Pics

Here are some Milo pics from the past couple days. This is Milo at the Dog Park this afternoon.

Milo on the back porch.
Milo flying in the air.
Milo and Q
Milo Sitting.

Last Night, I hosted a Meet Milo Puppy Love Party. It was a lot of fun. Milo got several wonderful gifts including his own dog songs sound track courtesy of Pammy and his own dog sleeping bag from Jason and Rebecca. The party was tons of fun. I really like having parties and this was the first I've given in Austin. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.

Other weekend news: Friday Afternoon Practice and Clear Spring was super fun. About ten people showed up and we did a variety of backward bending tricks. Saturday I taught my classes and had 36 people at the Free Day of Yoga at the 360 studio. I subbed for Lance this morning.

Next week, I'm back to work on the Myth of Er, another section of the last chapter.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Cold this morning!

Milo is being quite rambunctious this morning. I think it is the cold weather. Yesterday, he went on his first walk with me. He also learned to play with a plastic cup. The day before he was quite enthusiastic about playing with a stick. Video footage below.

Anyway, I've got a busy day ahead. I need to send off my Ancient Philosophy Society paper, go up to Georgetown to deposit checks in the bank, take Milo to the doggie park and then there's yoga practice at Clear Spring this afternoon. This week has mostly been filled with doing footnotes for my paper, playing with Milo, and doing lots of yoga.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Milo Goes to the Dog Park.

Here's a couple pictures of me and Milo outside.
Here is Jeff capturing Milo after his first run away experience. Bounder likes to get Milo to chase her and then runs across the street to various yards and Milo follows her like a lemming.. Will have to work on this.

Jeff and Milo
Milo this morning, Nine weeks and one day and almost 14 pounds.

This morning Milo, Q, Jeff and I went to the dog park. That was pretty fun. Milo is now very tuckered out and very dirty. He is sort of grey colored now as opposed to golden. I'm working a bit on footnotes and getting ready for Christina to come over after her NIA class. Then we are having lunch at Mr. Natural, getting mani-pedis which are long overdue and then she has either accunpuncture or therapy I forget which and I'll come home and do more footnotes and then go to her classes.

I enjoyed the John Friend workshop, the very epicenter of Anusara Land. Its really a whole different world than Iyengar Land. I'm glad to have access to both realms.

Other news in the life of Anne in Austin. I did get my car registration yesterday and had a really wonderful class with Devon yesterday afternoon.

Here are the pictures from the dog park.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures of Milo days 3-6

Well, six days as a dog person and I'm sold. Very fun. So far, Milo has gone to the dog park, the vet, had Kim the dog trainer come to visit and has played numerous games of ball, frisbee, and is really just generally delightful. Above Milo demonstrates the art of sitting.

Here are some more pictures of Milo.
This is Milo endearing himself to Q.

This is Q ignoring Milo.

Milo checking on the concrete.

Anne with Milo

Jeff with Milo.

In other non-puppy related news, it has been a bit of a stressful week with Christina being way laid with medical maladies. She hopefully is "most all well." When I was very very young, my dad almost died from Rat bit fever, a rare disease that took a long time to diagnose and I would constantly ask him if he was "most all well."

I subbed quite a few yoga classes, three for Christina, two for Heide, and one for Gillian and I have one of my own to teach tomorrow.

I have embarked upon a new time management system that I will elaborate on in the teaching philosophy blog.

John Friend is here. Tonight he gave a dharma talk about luck and the kirtan that followed was pretty cool, though it was not the most comfortable floor to sit on, but in all a lovely experience.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Milo and Me

Christina and Kelly came to meet Milo last night. We had a really lovely dinner with squash soup and fresh bread. It was a really nice time. This morning I met with a prospective student for our graduate program and then Jeff and I took Milo and Q to the dog park. Normally, Q does not like to go on outings, but she has seemed more interested in going since Milo's arrival. Milo learned how to swim today. here's some video footage of that.

Here's another video of milo, taken yesterday after we bought five dogs beds at Academy.

In other non milo related news. Devon taught a lovely restorative class and Jeff and I had a great dinner at Madam Mam's.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Everybody Meet Milo

Puppy Pictures!!

Here is a picture of me and Milo in the Shuttlecraft moments after picking him up. Milo comes from the Goldance Kennels in Victoria. Jeff and I drove down there late yesterday afternoon. He cried a little at first. We took turns playing with him in the back seat on the drive back. He is totally adorable, looks like a little polar bear.
Here is a picture of me introducing Milo to Q. So far so good.

Here is a close up of the said meeting.

Here I am being pulled in two directions maybe it is some sort of doga partner work.

Here is Jeff, Milo, Q, and my shoes

In other non-puppy related news, I taught two great standing pose classes yesterday. My 9 Am class had ten people in it. Some regulars and some brand new people. I was particularly impressed by the showing since I was also teaching at 12:30 and if I were given the choice of the same teacher at 9 AM or 12:30, I'd probably pick the 12:30. The new class at 360 studio had nine people, some I knew like Lisa and Pam, and others new to me and one new to yoga. The 360 studio is just a beautiful space to teach and practice in. Wonderful design, lots of windows, trees. Not much useable wall space for the size of the room, but it is hard to complain.

Friday, I went to Heide's class at Castle Hill. I'll be taking over her classes for the next three weeks (or at least most of them). I may pick up one or two permanently. Then I subbed Jenny D's class at South and then Jeff and I went out to the Bird Festival at the Ranch. Debra Morin hosted several yogis and yoginis at her place outside of Dripping Springs. We practiced a bunch of arm balances for about 2 and a half hours and then had a dinner party (where everyone had to wear a costume with a feather or feather motif in my case) in celebration of Heide who will be leaving Austin soon to return to New Orleans. It was really a fun evening.

Thursday CT and I spent the day together which you can read about on her blog.

Milo is currently asleep on my shoes. I'm getting ready to meditate, get upside down, and the go up to Mandy's class. CT and Kelly are coming up this afternoon to meet Milo.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heading up to Waco to Vote

Well, I'm getting ready to hop in the shower and head on upto Waco once the traffic clears. I did not focus up on changing my voter registeration to Austin nor did I request an absentee ballot, so I'm driving up to Waco to vote. I'm also going to sign a few papers at work and have lunch with Gabrielle. I should be back in time for CTs classes.

Oh here are some more puppy pictures. I'm not actually sure which one is going to be mine yet. Maybe I'll get all three afterall. (Just kidding, the puppies all have homes now). My friend Paul Larson suggested that I name the puppy Obama. Though Barack would be a good puppy name also.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Started on Monday Morning

Well, Day light savings time certainly makes it easier to be productive in the morning. I"m up and ready to be writing. This week I'm working on the Myth of Er section of the Republic Chapter. The myth of Er is the story Socrates tells to end the Republic. It is all about reincarnation and the choices we make based on our experiences and our opinions about what a good life is. More on that on the teaching blog later this week.

Let's see last week was mostly filled with life organization tasks, a bit of writing, a bunch of yoga subbing, and puppy preparations. I got through the revisions to the Republic chapter I wanted to make based on the conference presentation.

Some trick or treaters came by Friday night and the first advanced practice at Clear Spring was quite a success. Saturday I taught my first Special Inversion workshop which went really well. More on that on the teaching blog as well. Then the YogaYoga 360 opening bash.Sunday, the highlight was Mandy's backbending class and some nice time in the sun on my balcony. Jeff had to work that afternoon and evening, so I caught up on some phone conversations with Mom, Dad, Lenore, and Christina. I also watched All the President's Men which I had not seen in a really long time. It was really interesting looking at life without cell phones, computers, and email...and yet there was still information gathering and truth searching, conspiracies, and the like.

Update on the puppy. Jeff and I will go to pick him up Saturday afternoon in Victoria after I teach my first class at 360.