Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Settling In

Let's see. First of all, it is very hot and very hilly in the little area we are staying in. We are staying in the banking district lots of fancy shops and embassies. In fact, we are right near the Iranian embassy which is sort of a strange entity to walk right by. Yesterday, we took a cab across town to Cankaya University where I gave my paper. The paper went well, though there were not many in attendance. The workshop I am a part of is run by Ann Ward. She and her husband Lee were students of my colleague at Baylor Mary Nichols. So small world there.

After that, Jeff and I walked around a bit, and got out of the heat for awhile. It is really so hot that it is difficult to stay outside for very long until the sun goes down. For dinner we went to a yummy mediterrean place near the hotel. The tabouleh was particularly amazing, think the opposite proportions of grain and herb than in the normal tabouleh you have in the US. Also a nice turkish wine. Then I went swimming in the Sheraton pool which was totally fabulous.

We may try to brave the heat and go over to the Ataturk masoleum. There's more of the conference to take in as well and jet lag to continue getting over.

Friday I've arranged for a car to take us to a Hittite town not far from here and then our tour of Cappadocia and Izmir begins on Saturday.

I've posted the pictures so far on Facebook. They are easier to upload there than on the blog. but here is one

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