Saturday, March 21, 2009

A beautiful Saturday Afternoon

I just finished teaching my Saturday classes and then went to CM. It is such a glorious day that I am going to sit outside and read a novel for a while. I'm starting in on American Wife. I've also just started American Pastoral. Perhaps I'm subconsciously reflecting on American identity...

Let's this week I had a fabulous Plato seminar, really the best all semester. Everyone seems really bonded now. Gabrielle and I went out Monday night to 135 Prime and had a great time, catching up on life, the universe, and everything. Tuesday I had meetings at work and then came down for CT's classes. Am getting really close to getting my foot in Eka Pada rajakapotasana with out help. Wednesday I wrote and looked at houses, ditto Thursday. Made an offer on one, everyone keep their collective good house buying wishes going in my direction. Friday, I had meetings back up in Waco and Milo also had his appointment to get neutered. I had no idea how difficult it would be to take him in to have it done. He came through the operation just fine. He is currently wearing an Elizabethean collar and looks a little pathetic as a result, but he's still completely adorable.

That's what's new in my world.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break in Austin

So last year I went to London for Spring Break. I had a great time, but I really just wanted to hang out in Austin, so that's what I'm doing this year. Hanging out in Austin.

Spring Break started for me last Thursday. I went to Mandy's practice and Craig's talk. Friday I went to Gillian's class and then Clear Spring Practice. Saturday I taught my own classes and went to the afternoon part of Christina's workshop. Then that night out to see Lenore and Henry and H.W out at the Marriot Courtyard by the airport. They went to Kentucky this week and Jeff and I also went to Caroline Wright's new show. Sunday, Jeff and I did Christina's workshop and also met the Katherine the Kambucha lady... Monday, Yoga with Christina and her club. Tuesday, I had a meeting to go to for some consulting work I did for the State, coffee with Jeff, then Christina's classes. Wednesday Lunch with Mom Dad and CT and Kelly and Devon's hardwork Class. Today, inversions in the morning and totally fabulous massage with Rebecca Rowbatham. AMAZING. Then Christina's practice. Tomorrow Gillian's class and clear spring, Saturday my own classes and the inversion workshop. Sunday Mandy's class...

You get the drift.

I actually have gotten some writing done each day. I'm revising Chapter Three of the book this week. I'm really glad I've gone over these earlier chapters again. I've been able to cut a lot and streamline what I'm saying now that I know "where I'm ending up." I'm going to read through this chapter again next week, making sure the flow is there after the cuts. Then onto revising Chapter Four, then back to finishing chapter five. Today, I see the end in sight.

Of course, all this activity is interspersed with puppy fun. Here are some pictures.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Week in Review

I've had a busy but fun week. The budget phase two was due. Two Ancient Philosophy Society friends, Sara Brill and Ryan Drake, came to Baylor to give talks, took them out to a couple nice dinners. Clay Pit in Austin and Diamond Backs in Waco. Yummy. I finished listening to the Half Blood Prince and am firmly in the grips of the Wizarding World. I got my fifteen year service pin. Had a nice dinner with Mom and Dad, taught two of Christina's yoga classes. finally made it to Thursday practice and Gillian's noon class as well. It is now Spring Break and I'm really looking forward to hanging out in Austin.

Here are some more pictures from last Sunday afternoon at the Draught House.