Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well 2010 is off to a good start. I'm having a productive time writing this week, I've been back on weight watchers for a while now and have lost about five pounds. I'm excited about teaching Greek Philosophy for the first time in three years. Having tons of fun playing with Milo and hanging out with Jeff. Recent highlights include a trip to Houston for Boxing Day, a lovely bottle of wine New Year's Eve and a great dinner at Asti last weekend.

I also had six people in my Satuday morning class on inversions. Since I'm traveling a good bit for yoga and philosophy this semester, I decided to run my ongoing class with specific themes for the weeks that I'm there. So the first four weeks in January - Inversions,

Then I'll be gone doing yoga or philosophy or the studio has a workshop until Feb 26 then I'll do six weeks of backward bending. Then more travel/ workshops and I'll do a two week learn the ropes focus April 30 and May 7

and then a three week Forward Bends and Twists the last two weeks of May first week of June, that's about as far in advance as I can plan.