Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Well, here it is Christmas Eve Eve. I taught for Gillian early this morning, wrote a bit in the Castle Hill Cafe, Took CT's yoga class. Now I'm at home, working and paying bills and doing laundry. I'm getting ready to brave the crowds at the grocery store, then I'm going to pick Milo up from Puppy School and take him for a walk on the green belt. Then I'll come home, shower, go to CT's yoga class and then out to dinner with Jeff.

Fun day all in all. Here are some pictures of Milo's trip to the Greenbelt yesterday. Yesterday, was the first day he fetched two sticks at the same time. He had one of them and swam to shore then swam back out to get the other one. Pretty impressive. You can see he's quite proud of the sticks in the first picture. The pictures are in reverse order of action.