Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

This year marks my fifteen year anniversary of my yoga practice. Mom and Dad were visiting me in Waco for Thanksgiving and mom spotted a sign at the mall about yoga classes and she said, "Anne, I think you would really like yoga." She was right!

I went to my first class the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. How nice that Walter did not cancel his classes for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, the John Schumacher workshop was fabulous. The only downside of the trip is that Milo got kennel cough while he was being boarded so he's had to take medicine and be on a low activity regime for the past week. He is better now. He has completely stopped coughing! Yippee.

Last weekend, Jeff and I went to Fino for a lovely brunch and then to Mayfield park to look at the peacocks. It was a truly lovely day.

I had a busy Tuesday up in Waco and am spending most of today getting ready to go visit Jeff's family in Houston for Thanksgiving. We are going to see Carolyn Wonderland tonight at Antone's. that should be fun.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Off to Dallas

Hello Blog world,

I'm sitting in my house, drinking a cherry, grape, blackberry smoothie. I'm getting ready to head up to Waco to teach my class and meet with a few students. Then Jeff and I are going to Dallas. I've got a philosophy conference and as luck would have it, there's also a John Schumacher workshop the same weekend. I'm looking forward to it a great deal.

We'll also get to take a class with Randy and George Purvis. Yippee!

The weather has been totally fabulous lately. Milo and I have gone on two walks every day for the past week or so. Above is a picture of three poodles we encountered yesterday

and here's a picture of the rest area on the way to Waco. Jeff pointed out that it looks sort of like the Death Star

Monday, November 2, 2009

Then there was October

Wow, It has been awhile since I updated this blog. October was a whirl of activity.

This past weekend Jeff and I went out to Becker Vineyards for a Cabernet tasting. It was a truly gorgeous day and we had a fabulous time. The wines were great. The weather sparkly and bright. Then we had dinner with Mom and Dad and I used the lovely serving tray that Gabrielle and Tony gave us for an engagement gift. It was nice to spend some time with them this weekend. We also all went to the doggie park on saturday and tonight we are all going for Mexican Food at Matt's El Rancho.

Thursday and Friday I spent up in Waco. Highlights there: Amy defended her dissertation. Yippe.

The weekend before last, Lenore and Henry had a lovely engagement party for us up in Waco. Henry's toast was just perfect. He noted that Jeff and I both believe in transformational activities. wine and beer making, yoga, philosophy and that they were happy to welcome jeff into the family, that everyone there considers me family even though I've run away to Austin. It really captured the moment and the overall situation so well.

The week before that Jeff and I went to New York City for the Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy. We had a great time. My paper went well and I got some good feedback about how to restructure a small part of the Republic chapter which is what I'm procrastinating doing right now. It was fun to see Natalie and James. The weather was less than stellar, but it is just great to hang out in that city, regardless.

The week before that I had another conference in Alabama. I went a day early so I could meet George's wife and baby girl. George is the brother of my best friend from high school. We had a really nice time ate thai food and talked about academia. I also got to spend some time with my good friends Rasma and Gunnars. They seem to have settled into Alabama quite well and Gunnar defended his dissertation a couple days after that visit. Gabrielle came along on that trip right after her own dissertation defense. This has definitely been the month for people I know to finish their dissertations.