Friday, January 25, 2008

End of the Week Update

I can't believe it has been a whole week since I posted on this blog. Guess I've been busy living and not blogging, which all things considered is a good sign. Though i'm sure my avid readership of three misses the up dates.

Well let's see. I think last weekend was the immersion. Devon and I went out to dinner Sunday and I discovered I'm no longer tired of Indian food. Didn't have to go up to Waco until Tuesday and enjoyed the long weekend. Indulged in many yoga classes.

This week in Waco was fun. Nietzsche class fabulous as was the BIC capstone and yoga classes. More on all that on the teaching blog.

Thursday I came back down here. Did Christina's classes and went to CM with CT and Kelli.

Today, I had to drive back up for a meeting and I'm really excited about the George Purvis workshop tomorrow and Eye of The Tiger Saturday.

in all life is good, no complaints.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to School

School started back this week! I've been busy so not blogging so much.

I am going to like my new teaching schedule a lot more. Even though today and some Friday's I'll have to drive back to Waco for meetings, going up late afternoon and not every week is a lot easier than having to be there to teach every friday.

Yesterday, I wrote a bit up in Waco and then headed down to Austin. Got a great facial at Sabia, read some about spelunking, went to Christina's classes and the Whole Foods for dinner.

Now I'm off to Devon's class and a bit of writing before heading back upto Waco for the afternoon, early evening.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It has been a while

Well, I haven't posted in a while. Mostly too busy with work and fun I imagine oh yes and the minor bout with food poisoning...

I write a a fair bit Tuesday and Wednesday...

Tuesday I went to check out the very trendy Sabia. Then I went to Christina's yoga classes, but prior to that I ate some soup at Central Market and I ended up getting quite sick. ...

I recovered Wednesday, visit to Craig Williams definitely helped. And my shoulder is better too. Wednesday afternoon I went to Devon's class and then met Meg at Whole Foods. We had a really interesting talk about this movement group Noyes Rhythm that she practices with/ studies in her performance studies program. and then I headed back upto Waco that evening.

Driving in Waco that night, I really felt like, "wow I don't live here anymore."

But two days of meetings, syllabi, seeing friends, and book club and I did feel quite in the swing of things.

Came back down to Austin early to teach my class and do Christina's immersion. That's what I've been upto.

Today, Mandy's class, immesion and well, syllabi....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Great Day in Austin

I was really beat last night, but got a good night's sleep and had a fabulous day today.

Went to practice with Devon and Peggy. Had a really productive day in the writing domain, both novelistic (hugely productive) and philosophic (fairly productive).

Then rewarded myself by going to yoga class at Devon's and even hit Charly's class.

Normally, I'm not down here on Mondays.. so it sort of felt like new explorations in the Austin domain.

Then I had a great piece of pizza at whole foods.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, it was a fun-filled action packed weekend. I have to say I'm pretty beat right now.

Saturday, I taught my first official class at Yoga Yoga NW and subbed the two following it. I practiced and wrote a little and ran some errands. Saturday night I went for coffee with a former student and that turned out to be quite fun.

Sunday Morning I went out to meet Logan McNatt, a archaeologist/caver that Devon knows. Had a great time talking with him and Susan about caving and all things speleological. I wrote for a while afterwards on Plato's Agent.

Then I met Ari and her mom at Alamo Drafthouse. We saw Juno. Really enjoyed it immensely.

Now I'm just resting on the couch. Blogging and getting ready to do some school work.

Came home, practiced, and am catching up

Friday, January 4, 2008

Fun Friday

Well, I had one of the best day's writing that I've had in ages. Mostly, I worked on Plato's Agent, though I did do a bit with the models of self-comportment.

I went down to San Marcos to practice, felt really stiff, but got out of the stiffness self-talk and did some great arm balances. Also, have a good five pronged approach for M3.

Was supposed to go to this trinity alumni networking thing, but by the time I got stuck in traffic and taught I really just wasn't up for meeting a ton of new people, so I called Devon and we had dinner at Hyde Park Bar and Grill.

I'm now at home, resting up for teaching my own yoga marathon tomorrow morning at NW.

Settling in to Write

Christina's classes were really great last night. Lots about focus and determination about resolutions. So in that spirit, I'm sitting down to write this morning before heading down to group practice. I wrote some yesterday also. I'll seize the momentum that I have, however, minor.

Two topics for today: backstory for Plato's Agent and returning to the Republic chapter, looking at models of self-comportment there in.

More later as my fun-filled action packed weekend progresses.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back in Austin

Well, it is three days into the New Year and I'm back in Austin and it is really beginning to feel like my home.

Had a great day yesterday. I was so happy to be back down here. Got a pedicure at Polish, managed to work a bit. Meg and I went to Devon's class and then I went grocery shopping at whole foods. Totally just felt like I was living in Austin. Subbed Brianne's class later that night, then came home and did some work.

This morning I'm going to Mandy's class and then coming home to write on my various projects and work on other work-related things until Christina's classes this afternoon.